Truck Gadgets- 5 Must Have Gadgets For Your Truck

Hi everyone, So we all know that today’s life is impossible without some good technology. Every day we see a new gadget coming into our daily life, and obviously, these gadgets are making our life easier. Same way when we talk about truck drivers, they are the most complicated drivers. This is so because they always have to focus on the route, it’s probably impossible to have fun while handling a truck. Basically, truck drivers need certain devices to make his journey easier. Truck gadgets Come in many different forms such as a GPS system or it may be a gadget for entertaining purpose. So here we have brought some amazing gadgets for your truck:-

WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR

The primary issue which truck drivers have to face is the signal strength of their phone, we are all aware of the speed of a truck running on a highway. Now you might imagine the trouble of signal strength. So this device is specially designed for trucks because it helps to fix the issue of the network. Let me explain you in detail, this device comes up with a network booster which allegedly boosts your cellular data. Also, it doesn’t matter what speed is yours is at? it will always maintain a stable connection. These company’s truck gadgets come with a very simple installation setup so you need not hassle more to install it.

Truck gadgets weboost drive 4g

WeBoost driver 4G have has an antenna which captures the weak signals and it sends that signal to the amplifier. This amplifies the signal and returns a strong and stable signal to the other end of the device. The device receives a strong signal through  WeBoost Driver and allows you to speak on call and use data connection without any interruptions. Semi truck driver or truck driver might not face this issue of signal weakness but it is always seen with truck drivers that they are unable to surf the data or call due to weak connections.

Garmin Dezlcam

When we talk about the Truck Gadgets that a trucker must have then Garmin’s dezlcam is the most needed device. I personally recommend this device to the truck drivers who have bear with navigation issues and many more problems. Garmin’s gadget will fix your every issue of navigation because Garmin company had mastered in such kind of technology. We can consider this device as a part of semi truck interior accessories.

It comes with an HD screen of 6 inches and a magnetic mount. You can attach and detach your device whenever needed. Garmin provides lifetime updates of detailed maps of America with this product. There are a lot of companies who provide Truck Gadgets such as GPS systems but Garmin is at it best. It is the most advanced company which never let their customers down. There are many other BEST TRUCK GPS systems with amazing features you can buy.

truck gadgets garmin dezlcam

Another great feature which I love about this product is it has compatibility. It can be connected with a backup camera for looking back while reversing. With this, you don’t need a separate device for the backup camera you can just buy a wireless camera such as “BC 30 wireless backup camera” and you can connect it with Garmin’s dezlcam. This wireless camera is easily available on sites which provide truck accessories online such as Amazon and also on Garmin’s official site.

Main key features

  • Traffic- With its HD digital technology it shows you in a proper way where ever you want to go. Also, it keeps you updated with traffic notification.
  • Alerts– The best feature in it is that this device automatically alerts you about speed breakers, sharp turns, speed limit etc.
  • Custom routing- You can add the dimensions of your truck and this will allow you to avoid entering the restricted areas.
  • Nearby Amenities- It has an amazing feature that helps you to locate nearby amenities such as hotel restaurants, atm, restrooms, etc.
  • Dash Camera- It has a dash cam behind its screen, this camera is adjustable and it automatically records the scenario while you are traveling. Truck drivers have to go through many risks and in the event of a disaster, it saves the complete footage of that impact.

Blueparrot B350-Xt noise canceling headset

There are a lot of cool things to do to your truck interior but there must be something else for the driver too.  So thats why this headset is considered as one of the best Truck Gadgets a trucker must have. This headset is manufactured by a well-known company “blue parrot”. This company provides the best noise canceling effect compared to all other manufacturers. It is a wireless device it provides more comfort. Everywhere is aware that truck drivers cover up a long distance while they travel and they have to drive for a long way. So its pretty hard to interact with calls or to look up for navigations again and again. In such cases this device makes it easier, it completely restrains you from touching the phone.

Blue parrots b350-xt has a most amazing feature of battery backup, you can talk up to 24 hours on a single charge. This device also has 2 soft earpads that offer you total comfort to wear it the whole day. This headset has 4 keys on its left side among which 2 are multifunction keys. You can use these keys to mute the headset or you can speed dial the number to call anyone.  Another multifunction key is for turning on the device and to activate “Say me” function. You can also pair this headset with your GPS system that supports compatibility of connecting. This will help you to get audible GPS directions. Also, this headset can be connected to 2 devices at the same time only.

Powerdrive PD3000 Inverter

This inverter is a very useful thing for a truck driver. It comes in different variants such as 2000 watts and 3000 watts, you can buy one for your choice. It can provide the continuous power of specified watts to the AC devices. The best thing that made me add this device into the list of must buy Truck Gadgets is that power drive’s inverter comes up with 3 AC outlet sockets and 2 USB sockets so you can easily charge your mobile devices. It allows you to monitor and control it with mobile of this particular brand.

Truck Gadgets Powerdrive PD3000 Inverter

You can detach the display and mount it on your dashboard of the truck. This will help you to hide the inverter but still have access to all its features. Also, there are no worries of High voltage faults or overload, temperature etc because it comes with the protection. In certain unfavorable conditions, it auto-shutdowns for safety and also it provides audible alarms function.

There is a huge list of inverters to be added in truck gadgets that a driver must have but this product remains best among all other products. If you have a truck toolbox in your truck then it’s very easy for you to store it, you can place it in the toolbox to save space.


Now, in the end, I would like to recommend you the most useful gadget. This is hydro flask in a better way I can call it a 21st century’s legend of the thermos. Truck drivers always have to face an issue like hot drinks getting cold and cold drinks turning hot and that irritates so much. Now with these cool truck gadgets, you can keep your drinks in the condition they are supposed to be. For example, you can keep your juice cold for 24 hours in the hydro flask and in the same, you can also store hot tea for 6 hours. It sounds a bit difficult but its true you can store your hot drinks and cold drinks both to keep them in the state you want them to remain.

truck gadgets hydroflask

This thermos comes in multiple sizes so you can choose the desired one. Believe me, this product is tested by many users and this product live up to its claims. It’s built with a high-quality stainless steel that is durable too and it stands up to the beating.

Thanks for checking out this article, hope you liked it! there are bulks of such products which attracts us to make an immediate purchase. For truckers, these amazing gadgets are the priorities. Even I couldn’t stop myself when I first saw some amazing steering wheel covers for the trucker. I was newly excited trucker at that time. Hope you got my point.

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