Best Small Pond Pump : Top 5 Pond Pumps Of 2018 (List Updated)

Hello guys, are you looking for a best small pond pump for your garden’s pond? then you are in the right place. We have a ton of pond pumps in the market list but and obvious its hard to choose the right without using it. Usually, we people have small ponds in our house or garden and buying a costly heavy pump for it not worth.

So we have got you the list of best pond pumps that will definitely suit your requirement if you are looking for a small pond pump. We have not picked these pumps just like that, we have found these best pumps after a long research based on reviews and user experience.

The first thing we whisper about any product before buying it is its price and its quality. And thats what we have resolved here, these all pumps are submersible and budget fitting pond pumps.

1. F power 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump (Currently Unavailable) 

Small pond pump fpower model

This pond pump is not just a usual pump but it works great in all extents. This pump is a multi-purpose water pump that even lets you drain out your whole swimming pool.  Isn’t this surprising? this little master has the ability to throw 900-920 gallons of water each hour.

The best thing is it doesn’t need your attention to start it up because there is an automatic float. This float switch determines the water level itself and it starts on its own. When we talk about using it as fountain pump, I have never seen this tiny submersible fountain pump which accelerates water pressure up to the height of 18-23 feet.

This product comes in 2 variants one is 1/2 hp and another one is 1/3 hp, you can decide whichever you want to buy. Fpower’s small pond pump is capable of draining out the water from low lying flooded areas. You can extend this pump up to 10 feet from the socket.

  • Its a good option for external pond pumps, you can use it in places like well, garden pond, aquarium, draining out purposes etc.
  • Automatic on/off feature with floating switch
  • It is made out of corrosion resistant thermoplastic material which protects its exterior from rust
  • There is a handle on it’s for easy grip in moist conditions
  • You can set the float switch to the compulsive state to let the pump on every time
  • This product does not make much noise.

You can buy it from the Amazon store, this product costs just 40$ 

Cons- There is no filtering system in the pump. Also, it’s not possible to maintain the flow without an external flow controller pipe. One more thing which marks it in the negative ranking is they do not give the extra nozzles with this product. However, the small pond pump qualifies to be the first as its reviews are always positive.

2. WIRSV 1500L/H Submersible Pump small pond pump WRSV model

This small pump is best for your small pond, it’s pressure easily reaches 35-40 inches of the height in the air. If you are owing to an aquarium or a small pond then believe this small pond pump is right for your choice. It comes up with 2 nozzles in different dimensions. Also, it is a safe pump for aquariums because it doesn’t consist of any exposed copper or oil materials.

The best thing I like about this tiny legend is that it has a knob which lets you adjust the water pressure according to your requirement. Here are a few more highlighted features of this pump:-

  • It has 1.4 meter of the power cord in length which is sufficient to reach the power socket.
  • It’s pretty hard to find such kind of submersible fountain pumps under 100$, but the fact is it only costs you 18-20$ and some amount of shipping charges ( 2-10$ ).
  • It has Suction cups on all the edges of the pump so that I will easily stick to the ground and will be stable while processing.
  • This pump is quite silent, it does not make noise while it’s on.
  • This pump is best for small ponds, aquariums, hydroponics, statuary etc.
  • WIRSV submersible pump works on 25w power.

This small pond pump is easily available is online shopping stores such as Amazon at a good price.

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3. Free Sea Submersible Pond Pump (25W)

Small pond pump FREESEA Subnersible modelThis pump is less pond pump and more a fountain pump, you can buy it for your pond to set up a fountain. This small pond waterfall pump is quite good for those who are seeking a waterfall or fountain pump.

This works great with its 400GPH processability. However, it is a bit longer in height to perform good pressure while throwing the water out and that in turn causes sometimes imbalance to the pump.

The buyer gets 3 different types of hose connections with the pump to fit according to the need. The free sea company provides the best external pond pumps so that you can use them for the garden, ponds, aquarium, indoor waterfalls, garden fountains etc.

  • The best feature with this product is you receive a free 24 hour after sales service and also a warranty of 1 year period
  • There is an inbuilt filter system that purifies water automatically without putting you into hesitation
  • Its a reliable pump for both kind of water salty and the fresh one
  • Attachable suction cups are provided with the pump
  • You get different lids for different kinds of fountain styles.
  • Easily convertible into a fountain pump and a regular pond pump with the fountain extension.

Also, this product features an adjustable lift for your requirement and its manufactured with stainless steel. You can also adjust the flow of water with the adjusting tier on the side of the water pump. This small pond pump is available at Amazon and its price is 35$

Cons- Fountain installation is a little bit complicated.

4. Pondmaster PM 350 Pump

Pondmaster’s pm 350 is another great pump from the list external pond pumps. It’s a magnetic drive pump and let me tell you that magnetic drive pumps are pretty good for small ponds because they are energy efficient. Also, they work well with their magnetic motors compared to ordinary water pumps.

Even this pump is safe for use in the aquarium as its oil free. However, it doesn’t have much outlet features but it offers good reliability feature while operating it. The small pond pump is capable of throwing water up to the height of 10 feet. This product works on 35 watts power that too with comes with 5 years warranty.

If you are looking for a simple and stable pond pump then it’s a good option. You also don’t need to hesitate much cleaning it up as it features a replaceable design which allows you to easily clean it. I hope a length of 18 foot in the cord is enough for your essential? this product is not available on Amazon store but you surely buy it from other online stores.

5. HISP Fountain pump

Small pond pump HISP Fountain model

So finally come to the last one, this pond pump does not have much efficiency to pump out the water but it works great. Its probably meant for those who are seeking a pump for decorative purpose. In such case, this budget pond pump will help you out in decorating your pond or fountain. It’s an extremely silent fountain pump so it won’t irritate you with a loud noise. It’s the best outdoor pump for aquarium, garden pond, hydroponics etc.

  • This small fountain pump home depot comes with 12 led light feature that improves the beauty of your pond or fountain
  • These led lights are color changing waterproof lamps for decorative purposes
  • This mini fountain pump with light ensures lifetime warranty service, its a great deal at just 13$
  • Compact size makes it easier to carry anywhere you wish to
  • It’s not a high-efficiency pond pump so it only limited to 800L/H and a power output of 15W
  • Even this product is safe for fishes.

You can get this product from Amazon, also you get two water plants free with the product.


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