8 Must Check Out Truck Tool Boxes Of 2019 (In Budget)

There might be so many questions tingling in your mind about what must be the best reason for using a truck tool box or which one to be chosen? Don’t worry we are going to answer them all here, So basically every truck does not come with a toolbox assembly. Therefore an external tool is allegedly needed for a truck driver when he needs to assemble or fix something for his truck. So the fact is that every toolbox does not come with all the requirements you need, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your truck. Always remember that before you buy a best truck tool box do check it’s quality measures because neglecting that may leave you in tears. So here we start with our top rated and positively reviewed toolboxes of 2018;

Delta aluminum dual lid truck tool box (Drill resistant)

Dimensions: 20.25 depth, 70W, 9H (inches)

Type: Cross-bed

Special features: Dual side storage and Drill resistant, tough body

Let me tell you that delta truck tool boxes are the most preferred tool boxes for truck drivers. Their overall quality and features never make you regret after a purchase.  However, Delta truck tool boxes are quite expensive compared to other truck tool boxes, but their functions will want you to buy them asap.

best truck tool box delta

Delta is a trusted brand that started growing before 45 years ago, and today it’s a leader in such products. They keep up their words because they provide what you need and customer’s satisfaction is always their first motive.

Delta tool box dimensions

Delta remains the best leader in the market for providing one of the best truck tool boxes with the most secure locking mechanism. Also, this product is a weather guard truck box because it is highly moisture resistant which keeps your tools always safe from moisture.

Based on positive reviews we have listed this product as a best truck tool box. The only negative point of this product is that it would not be available in stores. Hence you need to buy it from official online stores.


  • Highly resistant drill proof locking system
  • 70 inch
  • It’s a cross-bed type truck tool box
  • Aluminum product
  • This best truck tool box provides 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Auto lifting dual side lids
  • Three compartments for more storage


  •  little bit expensive
  • Only available in online stores

LEDGlow’s Best Truck Tool Box With Lights

♥Must Buy Product♥

Price: 37$

Dimensions: 17.6 x 7.6 x 1.4 (In inches)

Special features: Weatheguard and comes with LED glow lighteningLEDGlow's Best Truck Tool Box With Lights

Doesn’t it seem useful?? Yes, it does. One of the benefits of having LED lights in the toolbox is that you can pick up the stuff in the night and tough conditions such as foggy weather etc. When it comes to such kind of interesting stuff, people admire it as low quality or local stuff, but you are going to be shocked it’s an Amazon’s Choice product. Also, the quality and the specifications of the tool are worth your money.


The best thing which attracts me towards this product is not it’s eye-catching lights but it’s the price is what makes it unique. Did you notice one thing? This product is a weather guard tool box and the main thing it comes with one year warranty.

It can be considered as the best tool box for the truck based on the good ratings and positive reviews of this product. If we talk about the seller “Led-glow,” have been a reputable brand in providing this kind of products. They are a top seller in under glow lightening products. Basically, they deal with car and truck gadgets but with the integration of a fantastic glow. Also, they sell more stuff like interior glow products, truck lightening accessories and much more.

How to deal with the installation of lights?

I know it’s pretty weird to assume, but it’s a truth that many sellers charges 300-400$ for a weather guard truck tool box. And here it comes with LED lights feature which going to work out in the night shift, the best option for work trucks.

LEDGlow's Best Truck Tool Box With Lights

Also, the LED lights aren’t pre-attached so you can attach as per your wish, but sometimes it might be a complicated issue for few peoples to install the lights. However, it’s not a that hard task to attach those lights because it comes with the wires, bypass loops, and switches. All you need to do is just link them and install it underside of the top lid. You also get an installation guide with this best truck tool box, so it becomes effortless to install the lights.


  • 90 degree angled for uninterrupted light on the storage
  • Auto on-off feature with a magnetic switch which works on opening and closing the toolbox
  • price is effective
  • lights are very bright
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime assistance of technical problems for a lifetime


  • not sure about the latch or lock
  • installation could be a confusing task

Best Choice Products Camper Tool Box 

So guys here we have picked up some right tool boxes for your truck/vehicle. As you might know that Amazon have billions of buyers and millions of sellers and it’s tough to give a good impact to the buyers over there, so we have found some best sellers with good positive reviews on their products.

Price: 58.60$

Dimensions: 30L X 13.75W X 9.75H

Special features: Lightweight, durable and weather resistant

aluminium camper best truck tool box

Best choice products are one among those sellers who sell a budget-friendly and the best truck toolbox for your vehicle. These kinds of aluminum tool boxes can also be used as tractor supply truck tool boxes. Always remember that aluminum is the best material to choose while buying toolbox because iron couldn’t resist rusting.

Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool's dimensions

This aluminum toolbox is not much expensive as other toolboxes, and the thing is it provides you an excellent space to store your tools. Also, aluminum is a suitable material for safety measures and to stay protected from weather conditions such as rusting, etc. Aluminum made tool boxes plays a role of weatherguard truck tool boxes which keeps your precious tools rust free.


  • Lightweight of 11.55 pounds
  • Durable aluminum material
  • It comes with a lock and two keys


  • One of the customers complained of Latch issues

UnderCover SwingCase Best Truck Tool Box

Price: 199$

Dimensions: Please refer to the image below

Special features: Swings out for use (saves maximum space)

Undercover storage box is expensive but worth buying! This toolkit is a made in USA product ensures the protection of your tools with its lock function. The function of this product is that it can fit on the driver side to your truck.

Also, you can choose your desired variant according to the placement you want driver side or seater’s side, doesn’t matter you can choose anyone you wish before buying. With the good fitting system, it equips a little space from your truck. 200$ spent on this best truck toolbox will undoubtedly save the lives of your tools because it’s weather tight, secure and straightforward.

UnderCover SwingCase Best Truck Tool Box dimensions

Almost it fits all vehicle models from 2007-2019 even though you check can your model whether it fits or not from an option in Amazon. You will find a select your vehicle option in the top left side of the website. Usually, plastic truck tool boxes are not a good option based on weather-guard and security measure, but UnderCover SwingCase’s best truck tool box won’t let you regret.


  • It fits on both driver side and seater side (optionable)
  • Lockable feature
  • Fits all models from 2007-2019 Toyota
  • It swings out for quick access to the tools
  • Easy installation within a few minutes
  • It is made up of moisture resistant material which ensures the protection of your tools
  • Price- 199$


  • Plastic shouldn’t be much costly
  • Make sure you check out your truck model’s compatibility because it only fits models such as 1999-2014 ford f-150
    etc. Before you buy, check out once on Amazon.

Yaheetech Aluminium Tool Box

Price: 69$

Dimensions: given in the image

Special features: Weather resistant and it can be installed to any truck

yaheetech's best truck tool box

Weather guard quality is the main reason why I prefer to choose an aluminum truck toolbox as a priority. A lot of truck tool boxes claim to provide the best protection to the tools, but a lot of people are not aware of its dark side. That kind of toolboxes which are made out of low quality plastic or any other material gets affected with corrosion or rust. Also, the price is another concern with those products, to elaborate this stress yaheetech’s product could be a best truck tool box. It just costs you 69$ and with regards to its quality, it would be a perfect choice for a trucker.

The solid construction of this product made me list it under the best truck tool box list. It can store multiple items such as screwdrivers, puncture kits, drillers, coffers and much more. This product is completely ensured with sturdiness to withstand rust issues. Based on some genuine reviews on AMAZON.com buyers say that the aluminum material used in manufacturing makes it worth buying. It secures the tools with an integrated lock.

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Why should you go with yaheetech’s toolboxes rather than other aluminum boxes?

The answer is straightforward; this product is built up with some extra caring. For instance, it has a safety design on its entire exposure that protects from any damage or cuts to your hands. This durable product is weighed around 11-12 pounds and stores a lot of things in it.

The product has been tested by a lot of customers in various vehicles such as Volvo, land rover, tractors, etc. The product seems to be up to expectancy with an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars.


  • Prevents hands from getting cuts
  • Lockable feature
  • low price
  • highly resistant and durable aluminum material
  • Side handles for moving
  • It comes with the unique design to prevent moisture letting in
  • Unbreakable latch


  • The latch is not weather resistant

Giantex Aluminum Tool Box 

Price: 149.99$

Dimensions: 49 x 15 x 15 inches

Special features: Durable product

Material: Rugged aluminum

giantex best truck tool box

If you own a pickup truck that needs ample space for tools, then this tot storage box would be a perfect one for you. Let me tell you that there only a few storage boxes that meet your needs. Also, getting under 200$ with all desired specifications is a big challenge, So giantex aluminum tool box is somewhat like the toolbox you need for your pickup truck. Giantex will provide you with an excellent option to choose Best truck tool boxes based on the storage size. Their price range differs as per their size, but the features are almost the same.

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In shopping experience, a customer seeks for the satisfaction of something he buys, and that’s what this brand claims to provides you “100% satisfaction guarantee”. It comes up with an inbuilt lock system with two keys for complete safety for your tools. No matter what you own? It can be used for trucks, ATV or RV. 

The product is built with a rugged aluminum and ceramic substance for remarkable durability over rough use. Best of this storage box is that it meets almost all necessary things in the budget. The quality is foremost thing in these kinds of stuff, and you won’t regret after going for this one. However, don’t forget to check the warranty for this product because we are not sure about it, otherwise, it’s a best truck tool box for all truckers.


  • Side handles for handling
  • made with rugged material for better durability towards scratches and dents
  • comes in 4 different variants 24″, 29″, 36″, 49″
  • provides a larger accommodation space


  • The plating is not much good

UWS EC10802 Deep Crossover Truck Tool Box 

Price: 500$

Dimensions: 69 x 19.2 x 17.6 inches

Special features:Cross-bed truck tool box, durable, low profile

We know that this could be an expensive one for you, but we have added this low profile truck tool box because the black is love. Most of us love the black color and honestly while finding these all tool boxes I came across a lot of comments on Amazon considering to get a best truck tool box in black color. Although, due to the designs of tool boxes there is almost no choice of colors to pick one. Hence, this black cross bed truck tool box awoke me to add it to the list.

What can be worse than getting bendings and warpings on the crossover typed toolbox, but in case of this product you don’t need to worry. UWS (Manufacturer) must be admired for it’s manufacturing because they have created a solid construction by foam padding in the lids of this best truck tool box. However, it becomes pretty heavy with its 71 pounds of weight, but it has an excellent capacity to store heavy tools. If you need a highly resistant and durable truck toolbox, then it’s price won’t be a matter of issue. Also, this product’s seller provides guaranteed damage-free shipping for its customers.

This black beauty is effortless to install, and it gives a lot of space to store heavy tools and other things in it. It appears with stainless steel lock to withstand corrosion and also maintains the security of your storage. Also, the shining finishing is eye-catching in this low profile truck tool box.


  • Corrosion resistant
  •  substantial structure
  • the black color itself is a quality
  • UWS is truly apparent in providing rigid packaging


  • Pricey but worth it
  • Heavyweight
  • Fits supported models (check on Amazon for fitting confirmation)

Underbed Truck Tool Box (Black Steel)

Price: 183$

Dimensions: 18″(H) x 18″(D) x 24″(W)

Special features: Weather resistant steel with black finish

Underbed best Truck Tool Box

While I was personally looking out for some good underbody truck tool boxes, I found this another great product from “Buyers products”. I know it’s hard to believe that steel can be a good choice but this one made my doubt clear. Before picking up any under bed tool box I went to many online stores such as Amazon, home depot etc. and looked out for some relative toolboxes if there was any comparison, but this was one was the best truck tool box in steel category.

Now, lets clear out some doubts on this product, Steel might not be a good option against weather conditions. But this underbody toolbox is coated with a unique black powder finish which ensures it to withstand weather conditions. It can be mounted both on the under bedside or on the flat surface with no hard process. The best factor of this toolbox is it comes with replaceable gasket sealing which is very hard to find in such toolboxes.

It has an overall rating of 3.5/5 stars on Amazon with 44 customer reviews and thus you can go for it without any apprehension. The weight of toolbox is around 57 pounds and luckily you get a lockable T shaped handle lock with it. Also, you get 20+ sizes of this toolbox to pick the best one.


  • Value of money
  • it has a Lockable T handle latch
  • it comes with gasket sealing which is easily replaceable


  • Steel is less optionable compared to aluminum


So finally we have come to end and here on my views, I would state that a toolbox must be worth of money. So make sure you put your bucks in the right place. I mean check every information about the product and then go for it like the advantages and disadvantages of that product. However, my recommendations would be to go for delta’s toolbox if you are not worried about expensing 399$, but if you are a person like me who cares budget then I would recommend you to go for giantex or yaheetech.

Don’t follow those gurus who tell you to buy only an expensive because you can check here every toolbox is the best one with its specifications. Most probably you are getting everything in a 50$ toolbox that you couldn’t even get in 500$ toolbox. We have personally reviewed these truck toolboxes still you can check the reviews again on the Amazon then make your choice to buy a best truck tool box for your vehicle.

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