{Updated} Best Truck GPS: Top 5 Best Handpicked Truck GPS Reviewed

We all know that today’s technology has gone too far. Today we have a bunch of GPS products on the market, but not everything seems to be good. Before we could proceed to buy everything from the store, we always look for its description and its reviews. Also, knowing the product’s quality, versatility, features, etc. is very important for a driver.

So you don’t need to worry about that we are going to provide all the information about these 5 Best Truck GPS. GPS is useful for those people who engage in long routes traveling. Many people might be wondering that today GPS is readily available on a mobile phone then why should they buy it? So we have an answer for that too. Here are some benefits of purchasing Truck GPS separately.

Benefits Of Truck GPS

  • This GPS understand the profession of a truck driver, so they work only on that particular basic.
  • We can extract road’s allowance details whether they allow trucks or not? Absolutely not! because many areas restrict truck entries.
  • There are fewer chances of battery issues as seen in the case of mobile.
  • They provide Full High Definition colored screen for a better understanding of routes.
  • Some of them also include an audio system to provide better guidance towards the routes.
  • There are some unique features in truck GPS which you won’t be able to see in other GPS systems. For example- Petrol pump locator, speed limit notices, better traffic indicators.

These are the few unique benefits of Truck GPS systems. Truck GPS Rand McNally and truck GPS Garmin are some of the top GPS systems but unfortunately, many people might won’t have enough information about them. I believe that if you know a GPS before buying it, then you won’t even need to look for its reviews. So here we have the list of best GPS for truckers 2018 with all kind of information you need to know about them.

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

So peeps here we have on of the most advanced GPS for the truck. One of the best features which I like about Garmin is it has some high standard navigators for proper direction, and that’s what professional truck drivers ought to get.

The main which a truck driver has to face is nobody understands except a truck driver is about rules and regulations, paperwork, their task, etc. That’s why Garmin has built one of the best GPS systems for all these problems. I won’t waste your time, and In a few words, I want to explain that Garmin is a brand who knows everything about driver’s need while completing his task.

Furthermore, Garmin’s products are specially manufactured for the truck drivers to give the best experience of their work. That’s the reason why these products are considered as best truck GPS. With a list of numerous feature, Garmin had been working for truck drivers for a long time. Maybe it’s a reason for customer’s love towards these company’s products.

Also, Garmin had always been surprising its customer with latest updated GPS. For example, you can Garmin dezl 770 and Garmin dezl 570lmt truck GPS; these are some highly rated products of Garmin. These company had also launched a new feature in its products for better truck routing.  All over we suggest Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S model as the best truck GPS for buying.

Basic features:-

  • Avoidance- According to your truck’s weight and dimension, it avoids you to enter the general area which is restricted to your vehicle.
  • Warning ability- It has a unique feature to protect you from sharp turns and bumps ahead. Before you crash your truck, this GPS warns you about those things with its high tracking ability.
  • Bridges- It also provides you with information about upcoming bridges and their allowance, etc.
  • Time manager- This GPS has the potentiality to be your time management, and it automatically reminds you to take a short break when you are in need of it. Also, in every aspect, it saves your time by giving you shorter routes ideas and traffic alerts on the route.

Some Advanced Features:-

Smartphone Linking – You can easily connect your mobile’s navigator to the GPS with a function called smartphone linking. This feature helps you in many ways like it can provide you with information about the availability of parking facilities.

You can also install its apps for more premium function which allows seeing camera footages of local traffic signals. This app based function also help its users with weather updates. This smartphone linking feature makes this GPS more advanced compared to other GPS devices

Better screen- One thing in which Garmin always defeats its competitors is the display resolution and touchscreen.  It provides you a better display of 7 inches with smooth touch accessibility

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Elog–  You might know that as per 2012’s law semi-truck drivers are required to keep a data of their journey. So, in that case, it automatically collects data on your frequent tours and gives you a backup of data

Handsfree mode- Garmin had built this GPS in such a way that it never disappoints its customers. Today every driver is required to ignore the phone call while driving because that may lead to a severe injury.

So Garmin allows you to talk to your contacts after you connect your smartphone to GPS device. Built with a clear audible speaker and a long-range capturing microphone which readily listens to your voice. These all advanced features are the reason for raking it to best truck GPS.

Fuel tracking– It also tracks your fuel consumption.

Garmin Nuvi 57Lm Gps System

The best which I liked about this GPS is that it comes up with a lifetime map update. So if you buy this once, I don’t think you will regret it. The Garmin company had built this device, especially for primary users, for those who are new to GPS technology. I mean to say that an individual doesn’t need much knowledge for using this device.

This device is suitable for those truck drivers who don’t need much hassle with GPS device because it’s a simple and useful device. Don’t worry it will provide all the features you need for traveling to your desired goal.


  • The display is a bit smaller than the other one, and it’s just 5 inches
  • The price tag is reasonable, it’s not much costly to afford
  • A unique feature called “up ahead feature.”
  • It’s compatible with backup cameras
  • This device provides simpler but exact navigations
  • It provides an automated warning when you are about to cross any sensitive places such as a hospital, school, etc
  • It lets you know the time with vehicle’s speed in which you will cover your distance.

Disadvantages- Everything has its downside and Garmin Nuvi 57 Lm also has some drawbacks. This GPS won’t provide you amenity searching feature as Garmin’s 780 model does. But if we talk about truck GPS reviews than this device is worth buying for a trucker.

AZGIANT’s 7-inch Multifunctional Truck GPS

This product is a comfortable device with multifunctional features. This device can be in both truck and the car. AZGIANT’s 7 inch GPS gives a proper way of using GPS. The fantastic features which you were going to love about this GPS device are that it can be connected to the internet or even the wifi. With this unique feature, you can use your GPS as an entertainment device. If we talk about navigation system believed this device always win the user’s hearts. The consumer can also switch to the 2D and 3D mode in this GPS for better navigation according to his requirement.

Currently Unavailable

Amazing Features;

Multifunctional- As it’s named spells, AZGIANT is a multifunctional device, so you can enjoy surfing the internet while you are off duty. To be the best truck GPS among all other GPS systems, I think this function is essential.

Android OS- This device runs on an Android operating system which in turn provides you with a lot of options to do with your GPS device. Also, it comes with half GB ram and adequate storage of 16GB. So you can easily save your data in this device.

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Auto Record (Best feature)- One of the most advanced features which I don’t think any other device would provide you with a truck GPS device! This feature enables you to spy on the surroundings of your vehicle. In simple words this function with automatically record and keep a proof of an accident or theft. So you don’t need to worry about any uncertainty. Also, this device has the capability of recording high-quality videos up to 1080p at night. Yes, you are listening right it has a night vision camera.

Maps- Usually it comes with limited maps ( Canada, united states, and Mexico ), but it has an Android OS that lets you access any country’s map.

These were the few prominent features of this best truck GPS.  There few more features of this GPS device such as you can use it as a tablet, it comes with an HD display, provides you with a proper navigation system, etc.

Disadvantages- AZGIANT has not developed warning notifications functions as the Garmin’s device have it. However, it remains one of the best truck GPS for all truck drivers.

Price- 129$

Rand McNally TND 740 LM IntelliRoute

This GPS is the best option for long route truck drivers. Those who cover a long distance while driving with issues must buy this device. If there’s any closure or blockage of roads than this device lets, you know. Not only a GPS device but you may also call it as a truck’s maintainer because it keeps track of fuel, and also it checks truck’s maintenance and keeps giving you several notifications about upcoming issues on the road such as slow down speed notice, etc. This device is ultimately a safety assurer for a truck driver.

rand mcnally Best truck gps

You can connect an audible system of your truck to the GPS for proper guidance of routes with voice. This feature might help the driver to focus on the road because frequently looking into the screen for the way can be a cause of the severe accident.

So in case of avoiding risky, it’s voice guidance function is best for the truck driver. That’s how Rand McNally TND 740 LM’s GPS makes a driver’s journey way more comfortable, and hence it also achieves the achievement of being best truck GPS.

Best Features

Voice guidance- I don’t think I have to explain more about it as I already did in the above paragraph. This feature will provide you step by step direction with voice guidance of routes.

Faster Processor- This GPS connect with a faster processor for smooth use of the device. You won’t be likely to feel any lag while you’re using the system.

Auto calculation of toll taxes- It automatically calculates the future toll taxes, saving up your time.

Wifi enabled- You can easily connect this device your hotspot (wifi) to the GPS.

Syncing- It can sync with the brand’s driver connect platform.

These were few of the prominent features of this device. There are some other basic features which you will get with this devices are- traffic reports, maps for the lifetime, The maps are installed in this device with lots of countries. Also, you will get better graphics quality with a 7inch display.

Disadvantages- you will need to upgrade the package for using all the premium quality features.

Garmin dezl 770LMT (Best Truck GPS)

Best Product!

Another beast by Garmin, this device is the most preferred GPS for a newbie to professional truck drivers. Also, this ranks on top when we talk about the most selling GPS product. This company’s device will provide you better route mapping then any other method. This product is known by almost every driver all over the world, that’s why this one is also the best truck GPS you could buy for your truck.

The feature which makes it one of the Best Truck Gps is that it provides customization option of routing to its users. For example, if you are planning to a destination, you can set up a speed limit, the size of the vehicle, etc. It will help you to make a safe journey and automatically let you know about the rules you need to follow on particular routes based on your vehicle’s dimensions.

This device itself will detect the path and warn you about the traffic, no entries of trucks, the speed limit for your vehicle etc. So I find this feature very useful as it makes the traveling smoother and more efficient.

Best features

Back camera support- it gives an option to show back scene of your truck while you’re reversing the vehicle, this feature in the case is very much useful.

Daily use device- as I told you earlier this company never lets their customers down with performance and features. In the same manner, Garmin’s 770 lmt has been manufactured in such a way that it can be used for a rough purpose. It’s best for those peoples who travel on a daily basis for commercial purposes.

Handsfree mode- Even this device will provide you a handsfree mode with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. This mode will help drivers to have a safer traveling experience.  Also, you can enable the voice guidance for better directions of destination.

Truck maintainer- It keeps a trace on fuel consumption and service maintenance of the device and also it maintains the logging. With this feature, you will know how much fuel, time, etc. have you used while reaching your destination?

Better display– Based on Customer’s opinions we would rate this device as the best among other GPS devices based on display quality. The main reason is this device comes up with greater pixels of maps and gives a user-friendly experience while touching the display.

Truck buyers Conclusion:

We have personally taken a look at these Gps systems and have used them for our trucks. Some Gps devices from the devices have been ranked upon reviews from AMAZON. However, the latest features and the quality is a priority in buying the GPS for the truck; the choice is up to you.

It’s natural to have doubts, When I used to drive truck I was like checking everything pros and cons about that product such as will steel be a good option for the truck tool box and will that tires sustain in the icy roads? So make sure you check everything from price to features that won’t let you regret after buying.


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