5 Best Places To Land In Pubg for more loot

Today’s trend is all about playing Playerunknown’s battleground because everyone loves this multiplayer game. This game is powered by Tencent productions. Especially the game was developed for PC, But users can also play it in Mobile in low featured basis game. When it comes to winning the Playerunknown’s battleground then the first thing ever we think is the safe zone to land. Choosing up a good place for landing in Playerunknown’s battleground is one of the parts of the winning strategy. So if you need some places to collect high skilled weapons and armor drops then you are at right place. We have a list of Best Places To Land In Pubg, here you can get into nearby houses to loot many things such as Guns, Bombs, Armor vests and many more.


If you ever noticed professional gamer then just go in the flashback, they always land near water (sea). Landing near the sea is counted as plus point for winning the match because it keeps you notified about enemies. Because, there are fewer chances to get attacked from the seaside, whereas there are more chances to be killed in the middle of any location. Let me tell you one thing that urban areas are always more of loot spawns rather than rural areas. It’s pretty easy to find a gun immediately after landing in Rozhok.

You don’t need to worry at all about the vehicles here, because this place is full of jeeps, and bikes. Rozhok seems to be a favorite place for many players, so always try to avoid risk by landing on the top of any house and look out for the enemy if somebody else is also approaching you. There might be so many players coming behind you to spawn a gun before you. Also, make sure you are collecting enough weapons to sustain in the game till the end.

Sosnovka Military Base

Before landing on this place make sure you have enough ability to run and grab a gun faster than your opponent. This is so because the military base has more of wider and open space and less of hiding spaces. Anyone here who grabs a tool faster then you could shoot you down in seconds. This is place is known as the best place to increase the kills. If the player is brave enough to equip a weapon than he must be capable enough to capture the whole military base. Pubg military loot is the desire of many hunters not only you, so be safe!


This landing zone provides more grenades and sniping guns. You can call this places as the best loot spots of pubg. So make sure you are running without getting caught into the enemy’s eyes. If you are caught running in this wide open area then you are more likely to lose the match as soon as possible, so try not to expose yourself here.

Pochinki – Most dangerous place from the Best Places To Land In Pubg

If you are playing this game in mobile then believe me it’s one of the most dangerous places in Playerunknown’s battleground. Actually, pochinki refers to a place in Russia which is known as a large village with a diameter of 200kms. If you are finding for pubg best locations then this place is all you need. Pochinki is situated in the middle of the map, so probably 30% of the players prefer to land here. Those who land in pochinki doesn’t need to run away from safe zone warning, because pochinki comes in contact with danger warning too late.

Most of the best pubg weapons are found in surroundings of this area. Also, it’s too rare for someone unarmed to survive in this danger zone. There are more probabilities of drops falling here so obviously there will be many enemies. Those who try to approach the drop box in an unsafe area is more likely to die soon. Always try not to be greedy in pochinki because this place is all about high skilled shooters. Only those who dare to win the match accept to land here. If you are loaded with armors and if you have a good squad then no one is going to defeat you. Pochinki is also a good place to increase your kills counting.


This place makes the ideal option to land because there are a lot of apartments here. Those buildings are totally filled with armors and weapons. Mostly aggressors land here only in order to equip more of weapons. This place has more buildings because it’s always risky to roam freely, you always need to peep outside before stepping out of the house. The best part of this zone is that there are fewer chances of getting attacked from the seaside or on another side because there is a large portion of fields. So you if you are more aggressive to drag the bones out of players then primers will be a good option.

The looting spots in pubg are described here and this is place is one of those places. This landing zone comes under Erangel. Though there are more of spawn points you might find less vehicle spawn points. If you are looking to escape the zone then after you collect enough weapons you can move to opposite island. The opposite island will take you the main loot point which is the military base. However, you can find lot of weapons and vehicle spawns here its more risky place.

Every player seeks for high skilled weapons and also snipers because that’s the thing everyone needs in the match. It’s pretty hard to defeat a highly loaded squad of 4 hunters when they are in a vehicle. The fact behind this is vehicle can help you to kill the enemies without stepping out. So for that, you are going to be lucky if you head to the east bridge you can find more of the vehicle towards that direction.


Gatka is the best landing zone for the beginners and also pro gamers. This zone provides you a good opportunity to spawn a limited but rare loot of weapons. Types of equipment found here pretty good then other landing zones because here you might find some upgraded armors. On the left side of gatka, you can find many vehicles. On the top of this zone, you can find georgopol hills where you can easily peep on enemies if you have good sniping gun. Equipping an 8x scope will be more preferable here because that will help you to take a look at all directions upon enemies.

This place is known t0 be a peaceful place for landing because there are fewer loots. If you seeking for more loot and more enemies to shoot then you can move to the hospital side. That place will provide you with a bunch of building with a lot of enemies in it. Let me tell you that Gatka is one of the safest zones in pubg. 



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