Best Anime Streaming Apps Of 2019: Watch Anime In All Languages

Hello viewers, are you also looking for a cool anime streaming app android? If so then definitely you are at the right place. Let me tell you that it’s very hard to find the best anime app for iPhone but now you can them on ios devices too.

If you own an Android or ios device then surely you can watch any of your favorite anime show directly on your mobile device. Also, these apps will allow you to download your series to watch them later. As we all know that Japanese anime shows and movies are the best to watch an anime series, but the issue is to find them in English. Don’t worry because these Best Anime Streaming Apps provide you few shows also with English dubbing.

I have seen many of the people searching for anime streaming sites but the issue is you can download the shows from there to your device. In such these Best Anime Streaming Apps can help you out. We all know that between a website and app we will always prefer apps to watch videos. The benefit of watching anime in the mobile app is you don’t need to suffer from a lot of buffering. However, apps buffer too while streaming video but less in comparison to websites.

Note: Here’s the list of anime Streaming 2018

Availability in android and iosAvailable in bothAvailable in bothAvailable in bothAvailable in bothAvailable in bothAll Devices
Price7.99$ per monthFree6.99$ per month and 7.99 per month for original catalogBased on premium tiers check official site6.95$ per monthFree
Subs + Dubsyes-YesYesYes-
Free trialOne weekLifetimeNoFirst Month14 daysLifetime

1. FUNimation: Recommended In Best Anime Streaming Apps

funimation in best anime streaming apps

Now we head over to the most popular anime streaming app for android and ios. It is great because it covers almost all kinds of anime series available on the best anime streaming sites. FUNimation is total anime tv for those people who are diehard fans of anime series and movies.

It features a huge collection of exclusive anime series and movies in a categorized manner. A great about his anime streaming app is it contains a lot of classics ( old+new ) Unlike other anime streaming sites it’s not hard to find your favorite classic.

FUNimation is a paid service nonetheless you can stream limited programmes with ads. I would recommend you to buy its paid subscription because it’s not much expensive as other anime streaming sites. This app just asks you for 5$ per month and provides you with a bunch of anime movies and series. Also, there are other popular tv shows etc included in its paid subscription.

This app won’t struggle you while streaming because after you subscribe to its paid service it gets activated the ads-free subscription. Although it’s a good app for anime lovers nonetheless you could face some issues based on some regions.

What about Subs and Dubs?

While using this app you will experience a huge collection of dubbed anime series. This app is a good option for those who seek a dubbed anime app. However, you could face some delays in the latest shows but still, it updates the catalog every day with some new fun. Meanwhile, we also come to the Japanese anime series, obviously, now you can easily get those points, dialogues in English with the help of subtitles. You don’t need to worry about the subs and dubs because FUNimation is an idol among all Best Anime Streaming Apps.

2. HULU App

hulu app in best anime streaming apps

Some good features of Hulu are completely special from other anime streaming sites or apps. Hulu gives a huge variety of anime series with countless other movies and shows. It’s the best platform if you want to watch anime on the android app with high video quality.

Hulu is a paid platform but obviously its worth money because it will never let you get bored with its shows. It has the lot of anime series which you can consider as rare thing because you may not find them anywhere else but on Hulu, you might easily get them.

Hulu app has a good image with its positive user’s reviews and that’s what makes it one of the best anime streaming apps of 2018.

I know the pain, few people might suffer from paying the amount but believe me getting all these great stuff under 10$ is still a stroke of luck. However, there are so many Best anime streaming sites which would provide you with a few anime series in an illegal way.

The thing is you won’t get proper video quality, audio quality, subtitles, dubbing, and proper scenes. As I described
here about proper scenes please don’t get messed up with this if just meant full scenes. You won’t get the whole episode at those free anime streaming apps or free anime streaming websites.

This anime streaming app for Android brings you a cool feature of adding Crunchyroll’s premium subscription service to Hulu platform so that you can access your desired programmes at one place with any hesitation. The users won’t be confused while choosing subtitled shows but it maintains a separate feature for that condition.

3. Viewster (Free anime streaming app)

This app is another great service for anime watcher. Now you can head over to hundred of anime shows for no cost, it’s totally free! Viewster might not provide you the shows which you want to watch because it has a limited catalog of anime series.

Users might get disappointed because of its limited shows with ads. You can still find some awesome shows in the lists of this app. The main reason behind these free apps not providing desired programmes is they are bounded by the limitations. There may be some best anime streaming apps which could provide you free anime series but not all series.

Although they have limited shows and movie not much impressive they keep updating their list with new anime series and movies. If you are low on the budget than you could surely use this anime app. Another plus point about this app is it comes up with multiple languages like English, Japanese etc.

This free anime streaming service serves you with many movies and tv shows. You just need an internet connection and a mobile device, that’s it open the app and start streaming your favorite show. Viewster isn’t restricted to any special region it provides its free service to all regions. No matter where you belong? you can stream anime series on this free anime streaming app.

Ads in viewster?

Yes, you might get little frustration while using this app but they won’t irritate in each minute or second. This app is not grassed with a lot of popup ads or anything that is irritating. It is a light ad-supported platform that gives free service to its watchers.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchy roll in anime streaming apps

If you are Japanese anime lover then Crunchyroll is damndest for you, because it has simulcast with Japan. You can watch more than 500 popular anime shows on this amazing app. If you are thinking of buying a physical product such as DVD etc for your favorite anime show then don’t waste your money.

This help is totally legal and with its subscription-based system, you can watch any of your desired show. Believe me, they don’t suck your money you can just get your all shows for a month under 10$. Yes! I am talking about all anime shows including Naruto, ghoul, pokemon etc.

This cool app won’t let you miss you any of the popular show, not even Japanese shows. The good thing I would prefer you about these Best Anime Streaming Apps is that you can watch your show in your desired languages. Crunchyroll won’t let you frustrate with the language issue because it provides subtitles feature.

Before you proceed to any kind of free anime apps, know that they don’t provide the original subtitles. Those subtitles are self-scripted and are totally disgusting. So I would recommend you to go for a paid application to if your willing to watch with the legit story. People would recommend you a lot of best apps to watch anime on mobile devices but not every free app is worthful.

5. Netflix

Netflix in best anime streaming apps

Now this app another great content provider for its fans. Recently it has gone through the par with its amazing content such as series of FRIENDS And Anime series like DURARARA etc.  One the great thing about Netflix is it doesn’t provide you creep it just shows you good and interesting content. However, if you are an anime lover than this app is just a limit for you because it has only 50-60 originals series. Yeah! that’s what I am saying it has original series which are produced by Netflix productions itself.

So if you want some desired shows and movies of anime than it’s not possible to find them here but you can still watch some great anime series by Netflix. They have awesome content and they are also awarded for providing fabulous content to its viewers.

There are some famous anime series available in this anime streaming app such as ONE-PUNCH MAN, ATTACK ON TITAN, VIOLET EVERGARDEN. Netflix’s specialty is in its every corner of an app because almost all episodes of Netflix are entertaining and interesting.

There is also a separate catalog of various movies and tv shows you can watch. It’s a good streaming app but not in particular to anime. If you wish to get access to Netflix you can buy the monthly subscription of this app at paying 10-15$ per month. Funimation and Hulu bit cheaper than Netflix also they have a huge collection of anime catalog as compared to Netflix it just has originals.

Why is Netflix listed in Best Anime Streaming Apps?

This question would be hovering in your head that it has limited anime series even though Netflix is in the list of Best Anime Streaming Apps of 2018? The answer is pretty simple, Netflix’s content is king. So many anime series on Netflix has become popular all over the world and that’s what makes it unique.

6. AnimeLab

If You belong to Australia or NewZealand you are really lucky! Just because this app is only exclusive to these both countries. However, animelab is still expanding their empire in the anime field. You will get Each and every hit of Japan in this app, but the only drawback is it’s not available in all countries. Another great thing about this app is that it won’t charge you a single penny! Yes, this app is absolutely free anime streaming app for Australians and NewZealand viewers.

I personally love the portability of this app because you access your favorite anime from any device. For example, you can get this app into an iPhone, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Samsung tv etc. Isn’t this a great thing? Yes, it is! Anime lab fast track the shows directly from Japan into their app so that the users can stream live too. There is no outdated stuff on this amazing service I am talking about all hit series such as Tokyo ghoul, attack on titan, dragon super and much more. This app is really the best anime streaming app for people who seek to stream the anime live.

7. Tubi tv

Don’t worry if you don’t have an android or ios device because to take the complete advantages of an anime show you just need some best anime streaming apps like tube tv. Why we consider it as a good anime streaming service is because it can be used to watch anime not only in mobile devices but also in Xbox and Samsung and apple tv. Although it is can be accessed through some limited countries such as North America though it is considered a good option for anime lovers.

tubi tv best anime streaming apps

Drie into a limited but good collection of Japanese anime series available in this anime streaming app, so you won’t need worry for finding out your favorite anime. The best part of using this app is that you can also get some famous animes of 90’s or older. Also, you can watch your anime on the website of this service by justing logging in the account.


The myth is simple if you are a die-hard fan of anime series than you could choose a paid subscriptions only such as Hulu or FUNimation. They are specialized under best anime streaming apps due to their large collection of various episodes.  If watching limited anime series is adequate for you then you can go for viewster without paying any amount.

In the end, Crunchyroll is nowadays a competitor in media service providers, it especially brings some hand-picked and demanded anime to the conclusion. For example:- Naruto, Pokemon, ghoul and latest anime movies and shows are easily available in Crunchyroll.  So this why you won’t regret paying for the right anime streaming app.


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