5 Best Anime Series Of All Time (2018)

Hello, today japan’s foundation of anime series are gone through the par worldwide.  There are billions of people who are fond of watching anime. Osamu Tezuka was the main pioneer of anime series he had taken the anime concept to a new level. Every year each new industry creates their own anime series and thats why anime had widened the scope of animation. Anime series such as Naruto, pokemon etc, these are few of the most famous series throughout the world. Watching anime has become easier with a lot of subs and dubs, so it isn’t limited to the Japanese language. Diehard fans would be already aware of some of the best anime series but those aren’t here is the list for them:-

Hellsing: Best anime series with thriller and fantasy scenes

So here we come to a most stylised anime among all best anime series. Hellsing is a unique concept in anime lists because it totally follows a different story. Unlike baccono anime, it won’t regret the viewers with its unique story. Actually, it is based on a story of vampire killing other vampires. Yes! obsoletely you heard it correct, a vampire killing other vampires. Now, what’s the reason behind this hypocritical theory that you will know after watching it! I could reveal the story but it gonna lengthen it too much.

Full Metal Alchemist

This adventure epic will keep you completely engaged with its unique and magnificent notion. We will not go deep into the story of a full metal alchemist but assume that it is also one of the best anime series. This anime is based on two brothers who are endeavoring to revive their mother. We couldn’t share much detailed information about this anime but the journey of two brothers is undoubtedly worth watching. Although, it is an adventure story even though it features some dark fantasy and some kind of science fictions.

Cowboy Bebop

Guys believe me it is one of the best anime series to be ever watched! after getting into this amazing anime series you will definetly forget to watch an anime movie. It follows a concept of a space-age bounty which would be gruesome and some thrilling scenes will surely make you watch it again. The best thing about anime show is that it provides a good voice over acting experience to its viewers. Also, you can watch anime dub of this amazing series. Developers have created this anime series with the best of their efforts by indulging high graphics. Make sure you watch it once!

Naruto: Most Famous Among All Best Anime Series

Looks like somewhere we would have come across this anime series, isn’t it? Of course, you might have heard it about because it is one of most famous anime series. Also, Naruto is the long lasting anime series and the most successful anime series which resisted even in the tough situations when there was a huge competition between newly introduced anime series. It is pretty hard to describe the whole anime in just a few words because it has followed a lot of different concepts. Basically, Naruto is an adventurous anime series of a titular character who have some special abilities to capture spirits etc. If you are anime freak then you must watch this as it’s one of the best anime series of all time.

A death note

Believe this one is the most amazing and loving anime of all time. A completely fantasized anime will keep you stuck to the screen for as long as it ends. In this epic anime, you will come across a schoolboy who founds a mysterious book called as “Death Note”. The incredible thing about this book is that it allows its reader to kill anyone he/she wants to. Gracefully the teenager decides to use this superpower for the sake of good things, not for the negative effect. He chooses to use it on the right path that in turn helps peoples. Let me tell you one thing that this best anime series is considered mostly for the beginners in order to make them crave for watching anime.

How to watch or stream anime online?

Many people would suggest you watch anime through some free sites but that suggestion is worthless because neither they are best anime streaming nor legal. There are few anime sites which claim to provide you with anime streaming free of costs but they don’t have a good cataloge. So I would suggest you look out for a good and best anime streaming site such as 9anime.to and gogoanime.io. These few sites are considered the best option for streaming anime free online. Also, you can these Best anime streaming apps in order to watch your desired anime series on a mobile phone.


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