Best Beaches In world : List of Top 10 Beaches in World

El Nido Beach- Philippines

This beach is located in Palawan of the Philippines region. If you are in a mood of traveling away from a boring place then don’t miss this amazing place. The best part of this beach is it’s the home for other 50 beaches. Also, these beaches have the clearest white sand which will leave you amazed! One more thing which is good for this beach is it has the crystal clear blue water which attracts the visitors. Most attractive part of this beach I like is it’s a desire in us to make a visit at least once in our life. Now you may have known that why it is one of 10 best beaches in the world.

1st from 10 best beaches in the world

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This place is even good for sunset if you are planning for a hold then there are many resorts who provide this facility. These resorts are located in the eye soaking nature scenery so you won’t regret staying there. According to a survey, one of the resorts in El Nido beach is ranked the best among Asia’s topmost 50 resorts. Many tourism provides the facility online or offline to visit this amazing place. El Nido is the great place for those who love water and nature. Also, it is a best white sand beach in the Philippines.

The Big Island- Hawai

Yes! as its name describes it’s totally biggest beach ever you could see. When it comes to Hawaii even a kid would understand it’s place meant for total fun. No one ever would regret after visiting Hawaii, because Hawaii is full of beautiful tourism places as this place itself is known as a tourist attraction. Also, it has been ranked one among the 10 most attractive places in the world. 

There is a place called Akaka falls state park, this is a kind of place you should never miss! Akaka falls is a soul lifting waterfall, it’s damn beautiful place meant for relaxing or photography. You can have an amazing time here on this waterfall with your sweet family. There’s also a national park so if you love exploring nature then you shouldn’t step behind from making a visit. If you like to surf then the big island is big enough for it.

It’s a cool place which never exceeds the temperature of 28-30 degree Celsius. One negative part of this place is you won’t be able to control the flow of money expenditures here as this place won’t allow you to save money. The reason behind this is big island has a lot of things to do in here so you might spend a lot of money there, but you can travel through public buses as these buses are considered as free of cost.

You can taste some special Hawaiian deserts out there and also you could explore the Waipio Valley in big island. There also the farm’s market which provides fresh fruits and vegetables so you could also spend some time there. There are many other fun activities to do on this beach like amazing water sports, diving, surfing, boating, Snorkeling and many more.

Treasure Beach Of Jamaica

Not an only a beautiful beach but also it has been developed into a sports destination.  According to the analysis in case of visitors sports visitors of more. There are a lot of sports events held every year to attract the visitors. Some of the famous sports events here are football, open-air boxing, swimming, and so on. If you are a party addict then it is a good place of partying with heavy load DJ’s in the middle of nature. Also, this place has good numbers of the luxury spa in it for complete relaxation.

As its name describes it’s a good place for treasures. This place will offer you a good chance to have fun relaxing under the sun in a peaceful way, riding open jeeps, rope climbing, luxury villas etc. There is also a hidden waterfall on this beach, believe it’s damn beautiful you couldn’t even imagine. Treasure beach is totally worth money you gonna use in traveling expenses. There are also some small beautiful villages near this beach.

If you are planning to spend some time with the amazing peoples of this villages then you should take a tour of it. If we talk about chilling out then this is the best place among the 10 most attractive places in the world. You can get your own coves here, and also you can explore this place in the day with trips service providers which are available there. This beach provides you a large area of 6 miles white sand around the beach. However, there is no place for jet skis nor there is any kind of glitzy nightlife, It’s a total peaceful beach.

Mauritius Beach

Mauritius is a great of doing activities like fun etc. As it says it will uplift your soul completing with its aquatic nature. There are lots of activities to do in Mauritius beach. This beach is too good for those peoples who are addicted to photography. It provides a great scenery for professional photography. This beach is considered as a good holiday spot for best beach vacations. You can experience a heart loving greenery around the beach.

Few additional activities you can do here are: – 

  • Watersports-  it includes boating, surfing, and many more amazing activities.
  • Deep sea diving- Go through the deepness of water with a great unforgettable experience
  • Fishing- There are many kinds of fish here, spend your time catching a few!
  • Safari- explore nature with beautiful animals.
  • Catamaran
  • Biking- Get your feet on the peddle and start peddling, If you love to ride then you should try bike riding here.
  • Adventures- Create a memory with exploring new things and having fun in the super cool adventure.

Baia Do Sancho- Brazil

What awaits you? believe me, this place is not less than a heaven. A beautiful place completely covered through bluish crystal clear water and white sand. If you love beaches with clear water and turtles then you should visit here once in your life. Let me inform you for your kind information that this heavenly place has been voted for one of the best beaches in the world. People love this place mostly because of its beautiful nature and the most amazing thing is its water. This place is also known as one of the best places for diving in Brazil. This amazing beach lies on the island of Noronha’s. Visitors can reach this beach place by the boats. Even TripAdvisor has ranked this beach as the best beach in the world.

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What can you do here?

  • If you are visiting this beautiful place with your beautiful partner then you could have some romantic time on the wooden bridge near the beach. This bridge is placed in between the green trees and plants which makes it look more adorable. This walkaway is preferred mostly for couples.
  • You can have fun here with many activities like diving in crystal clear water.
  • You can have a look of amazing greenery as it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Also, there is a national park you can go to visit.
  • You can have an amazing moment sitting around the sun listening to water waves.

Eagle beach- Aruba’s most beautiful beach

This place is the most attractive place I have ever seen. Renowned fofoti trees of this beach enhance the beauty of this beach. Many tennis matches are gone through every week, so if you are in a mood of playing sports in between the cool winds of nature then you must visit this world’s top 3rd beach. This beach has unique colored blue water which attracts the tourists. Also, eagle beach is an Aruba’s largest beach. This place is good for family because of it’s reason for best beach vacations. World’s most famous photographers have visited this place a lot of times because of it’s unique scenery. If you are in search of a good vacation on a silent, beautiful beach then Aruba is home of best beaches in the world.


Radhanagar Beach havelock- Andaman & Nicobar

Radhanagar beach is the pride of India as it’s the Most beautiful beach in Asia. The breathtaking view of the sky from this beach will make you forget all your pains of life. The amazing blue sea in a peaceful silence will force you to relax in your own world. This is also a good place of sun basking and swimming and doing many more things in midst of beautiful nature. Also, there is an elephant beach near this place so you can have a good time with elephants on the beach. As you might know, Andaman is the most famous place for heritage tourism and beautiful islands.

The best part of this beach is whoever visits this place gets in love with its nature.  White sandy beach with huge cool and huge waves enhances the visitor’s soul from the bottom to top. The weather mostly remains perfect here for vacations. This place is called as the heaven in India. So what are you waiting for? go get a glimpse of this beach this vacation!

Few  goods things about the beach

  • Most probably there’s a cloudy weather even in the summer
  • cleaner water than compared with other beaches
  • waves at it’s the best height
  • a good and safe place for swimmers
  • availability of Beautiful resorts
  • water remains at normal temperature ( sometimes cold )


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